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Ivo Pogorelich - Alice Kezeradze [1983 Master Class - Maurice Ravel - Gaspard de la nuit]

Actualizado: 23 feb

Me alegra reencontrar este documental, cada vez.

Hace años lo miraba en una versión sin subtítulos, intentando adivinar lo que estaban diciendo. Luego, al tiempo, al leer el texto pude notar que no estaba tan lejos en aquel momento, mayormente porque las imágenes, expresiones, tonos, gestos y el sonido son tan directos y potentes que las palabras se vuelven casi innecesarias.

Hay demasiado para observar, detalles curiosos, el estado de las partituras de Kezeradze, fragmentos de anécdotas, pero fundamentalmente el clima y el tipo de ambiente en el que se desarrolla el trabajo, el estado mental en el momento de la práctica, el aplomo de la maestra que está a años luz de un alumno,que ya en ese momento es gigante, absolutamente dotado y entregado totalmente a una única meta.

Creo que este es uno de los documentales que cada tanto está bien volver a visitar. Hay algo que sucede al verlo que al menos a mi me renueva la energía y me obliga a recomenzar el trabajo de las obras de una manera más profunda y honesta.

También invita a reflexionar sobre cuál es el sentido del éxito, y el verdadero valor en función de los parámetros en los que se miden.

Por último, las demostraciones de toque y el sonido de AK son de un nivel de maestría que no es frecuente encontrar. No solo por el resultado, que es perfecto cada vez, sino por la consistencia, la facilidad y la seguridad en la ejecución que dejan entrever una profundidad que pareciera no tener límite.


where is really music going what is it

now coming to visit an entertainment

industry which I hate all the contracts

which is signed you're described is part

of entertaining industry entertainment


well what I'm doing is certainly not an

entertainment it's a work you have to

use your brains and your mind to go to

my concert it's not that you're going

there before your dinner


even though I sure as much young if so

tip 11 get very impatient you we bestow

a right a bit

Jerry I spoke her Alex placed through

the opening Qasr as a provides pointers

to their agreed interpretation


geography laser target an analyst to

machala 3d ADA v analyst Duga UJ e da

música pop de Pury diode emoji price bow

on genie Tatsu into Jewish it a test but

what rate they ot up literally at Viet

not or subhana Allah similar data

whether the past leave me appreciating

acacho last covenant


Heide a pets bras but should she give me




Portugal and what else did you become

devoted to the pen where did you begin

to occupy a lot of your time when it

really was I think not before I was 12

years old 11 years old this is the time

when I left for Moscow when I started

did you win some competition to get to

Moscow to the concerns several yeah in

Moscow he was a pupil at the prestigious

and highly competitive Moscow

Conservatory I remember many children

being not able to continue just to to

stand on that and some of them would

leave the school did they put enormous I

imagine I would imagine that I lied

enormous stress on the technical

development of course we had exams in

scales and we had to play etudes and

everything it was quite funny but also

not very funny for those who were not

doing it well can you describe for us

your first waiting with Alice I think

you know she was a pianist first of all

no but I was once invited to MSO the

instrument which I thought was there

because it was in the family or

something like and then I started to

play a little bit

I remember it was sharpened sonata

b-minor number three and I was playing a

little patenting and this came said

something about that phrase or that

melody which Apple and I realized that

somebody outstanding just told me that

yes catastrophe what she doesn't live in

magic no one no variability e the ocean


mr. Vitti looky looky nobuta she was it

was limits here about so she is

technically but a most of the rapid

trash their qiblah only mimic octopus

materials Rana but the most of the kids

every genuine yet Cavani Babu child it

was you have rattle said my blemishes


Tonetta kya watching atmega he watching

give the sarcasm take him thank you it

was very little remark where is short

but so fundamental so important so

essential and then I immediately asked

whether she is a pianist and she only

smiled and to say anything so I was left

with a little history question

it was to decide I will attempt Acosta

Baraka and my pasta loca which Nabila

coffee really highly the most ocean you

stay on pasta Baraka watching an

occasional reporter only still remember

that a grammar signal yet later hostile

capitalist nice astronomy resuming

strategy Lima Lima has resists aims Gaza

the trick Radhika various glue Percy


she's livid Brock you should nip you on

a camp last night ago oh no she residues

number eight at that rate the hoop knows


oh sure is couched on the fairness

damnit okay eternity stare which she was

34 and he was 21 when they married in

1980 with his studies that the

conservator completed they left Russia

together with her 11 year old son

Georg II something of a legend has grown

around their teaching methods many

people including father Alek credit his

very rapid success to her

as Arad's his own teacher like from zoo

Lottie the favorite pupil of franz liszt

using the highly specialized technique

she inherited from this impeccable


katratzi set out to improve paga

delicious plan mr. Buddha Natasha we

registered the police cars 19 airship

pianist Haruka

Serena's gonna let a little snow boots

ricotta's knob it's oh she's Fahad 'no

it is released gavrio stuffs two three

McKenna stood up with this vide machine

but ADA custom no absolutely swaboda

Ruki this gram if Cecile apart

Commissioner of parts is watching in

today's night studying your key witness

to Super City and Havilah

chespin evil Paula Budda Budda Budda

chef captain Chicago very least can he

stay darling little spat lavish akak

teeth swaboda asparagus


the second movement the GBA was inspired

by the morbid description of slow death

by hanging the constant repetition of a

single octave b-flat creates the motif

of a tolling Bell Ravel made this

recording himself because he found that

some pianists ignored his instruction

that the GBA cannot be played slowly



Papa relish plays Lizzie bay even slower

than Ravel



I would think that probably not trying

to imagine how good the composer want

the piece to be played but probably what

was before the creation of the piece

what was before the work what inspired

what was that that provokes want to to

make this music which source when where

is it coming from where is this

beautiful melody coming from why is it

so beautiful how comes by signal Y it is

not ordinary why's it so exception this

is probably for the interpreter where to

look for his ideas rather than to follow

I would not say the remarks in speech

were left in the text but how would the

composer like it to be played


it's poker ologies attitude to

interpretation which first brought into

public attention

he became headline news at the 1980

Chopin Competition in Warsaw despite a

popular reception he was eliminated

after the third round the jury objected

to his dress his manner and his


one judge complained to the press he

doesn't respect the music cotillion

appeared on duty the Congress is open a

pretty rad second EMU an interval event

can scare so I mean you are greenie cut

no guilty plead rat sir but the most of

show is Dharana

Kikuchi compositor device or table even

before the metaphor tone even met

support etta poaching of our shia


preparing the diam Kagami revolting

watch his dismissal from the competition

developed into a scandal one of the


Marta aggeridge a former winner herself

declared on television pop knowledge is

a genius

I am ashamed to be a member of the jury

she duly quit it's all out of scandal is

probably the best thing which can happen

to real artists because instead of

describing one's music people start

describing one's clothes instead of

trying to find what is nice in once

music what is real what is pure what is

D people are looking for exceptional

effects or something unusual

controversial and by hearing that

something is controversial about that

person people immediately start

thinking that everything is

controversial so Sunday you must be you

must have violet eyes and painted hair

and very strange

finally it's gone you know for me ona to

reception and regard crystallize in

Estonia appreciate me man is arrested

that in a critical own she touched to

critical cigarette I'll be touching the

Brazil actively but I must attack that I

need sneezes the nationwide petition was

organized to support baggage and a group

of Polish music critics awarded him a

special prize fogger on each left Warsaw

with many offers of concert engagements

with a hundred thousand record sales in

three days and considerably more

recognition than the winner the third

movement is scar Bo Beltran's poem

describes an evil and gymnastic dwarf

many of the time I've heard scar Bo he's

now scratching the silk curtains of my

bed seen him pirouette like a shuttle

flown from the spinning wheel of a which

Ravel translated these gymnastics into

music a formidable technical difficulty



watching interested by rosetta

cappadocia video Sheena Forte a reduced



dr. Lucini today's been a premier

Nebraska theorists reveal diode accent

forte is Achadjian piano of Kakinada

beta now instrument it was officially

nervous mostly egrets transition for

mana premiere was at Iwo Jima the book

marking marking

tonin at each stage ticket to movies a

spree began capsule unum Marcato a bell

22 Marcato a premiere in attack nevere

with your three by

me too Jie du Shi open much alibi the


whatever I bet that hood up classy she's

got past anarchy

in a crush on his book bus

prayer bus classy she's cry for me

Piazza attack Scarpa we evoke routing

exactly to you we bow

we're on tack clapping a clue hasta la

donna è la Kraske they one of the most

striking passages in Scarborough which

is considered by most people including

very highly skilled professional pianist

as extremely difficult is a sequence of

chromatic seconds could you first of all

explain what that is and then show us

slowly how you do it and then plays as

you play you do those three things

probably the camera would have to see


they're played by right hand on to notes

to adjust no societal they probably what

is difficult about these seconds I would

usually you're not supposed to play

second because you know the other

literature seconds are happen because to

judge no yes like as a dissonant so used

by Ravel to bring a special effect of

moving spirit before you go on can you

tell me why they are actually difficult

is unusual you as I already said you're

supposed to do something which for all

your studies you have to avoid and

you're supposed to avoid it because if

you by mistake take a second then

something very bad

so by accelerating them the difficulty

of course grows and then it is the


developing speed and finally they have

to be played from the top of the

keyboard to the very low section many

things things car boy very unusual very

uncomfortable the left hand has to do

incredible things sometimes first to

jump over the right hand


so sometimes it is and probably the most

difficult about that is to put all this

difficulties each page full of together

and to make music



- Nikita



why is it so difficult the real answer

would be that whatever is written in a

score should become as if it does not

come from the piano as if it comes from

the orchestra so probably the most

proper answer would be that it is an

orchestration or this so each sound

should should come as if if it is a

different instrument and if it is each

note should sound differently in order

to bring different color and different

character because most of these ordinary

you can play to learn another language

because every day a new discovery every

time something which pleases you so much

as you as you achieve it and then it's

sometimes difficult to to keep it but

it's extraordinary

whoever however I was talking to or

whoever was asking me about that

I think that those pianist who play that

day especially emotional and special

memory about that piece and the time

they were studying


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