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Harmonic Pitch Drift Tuning Exercise for Singers and Choirs

Challenge: sing along, stay in-tune (rising with the pitch) and don't 'sound' flat 🌟

Tired of choirs only singing / thinking horizontally? Force them to sing vertically with this - now they have no choice. Taking requests.. want a -600cent version? Or one with nonlinear modulation? Ask away .. PS: I dare you to record yourself sounding as convincing as possible. *may temporarily confuse people with strong relative pitch* *increases ability to stay in tune with passing ambulances* *Yes, I am serious and yes, this does work* Brain_dump: Also noticing that the way to improve is to (a) acknowledge how quickly people notice the shift and (b) increase the resolution of adjustment - Almost all 1st try-ers readjust every 4 bars, but then ideally you want to cultivate an awareness that kicks in every note!!!! Good luck.

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