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Scriabin Documentary – 2017 European Tour Highlights - with opal projections

This documentary includes highlights from the 2017 European Tour "Sound and Colour in Scriabin's Piano Sonatas", in a series of 7 concerts given at Universities across Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

It includes introductory speeches, Q&As and master classes featuring pianists Konstantin Shamray, Mekhla Kumar, Stefan Ammer and Ashley Hribar. The performances explore Scriabin's synaethsesia together with highly individual interpretations of his 10 piano sonatas, each subtly enhanced by unique videos of Australian opals (curated by Ashley Hribar) projected onto the interiors walls of each venue.

This project gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the University of Adelaide, The Ukaria Foundation, Recitals Australia, Jacqueline Wander and Maria Sbizzirri (project Coordinator) and countless donations from private sponsors.

Scriabin Documentary produced by Ashley Hribar.

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